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Adhesive tapes

We offer one side, double sided tapes, all kinds of protection foils, die-cuts and lamination of materials from leaders on the market 3M, TESA, SCAPA and even other. Hi quality products and service is standard for us in the shortest terms for serial production and even for the customs production.

Our wide knowledge make an easier product selection, guide to the productivity increasing in the same time with costs decreasing and updating of production methods, or implementation of new products.

Labels and tags

Are used for marking of single parts of packaging for easier identification. Are produced from different materials with different kinds of glue on the base of specification and usage. There is going mainly about paper labels, thermos labels, plastic labels and tags. An the base of the requirement we recommend most suitable WAX tape for printing.

Double sided adhesive tapes

Is a group of various tapes from really thin to the foam thick tapes, which are able to do connections with really high parameters, instead of glue or mechanic elements like (rivets, screws or welding). We like to support you to choose most suitable variant for your application.

Protection foils

Are used mainly for temporary protection of sensitive surfaces during manipulation or transport. These foils are produced from different materials, in different thicknesses with different adhesion and in different colors.

One sided adhesive tapes

Is a group of tapes consisting of bearing surface and glue applicate from one side. Differences between single tapes are by using, material of bearing surface and kind of glue. There is going mainly about packing tapes, masking, marking, Al, or antiskid tapes.

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